the internets are mine (ruxxell) wrote in am180,
the internets are mine

tonights the night for non-awesomeness

hi gang.
i slept all day. i had dreams that i could hover. and i had a dream that my friend JD owned this greasy hot dog stand while he wasnt working as an engineer. and then the guns and roses cover band (which you WILL be attending at harperp's ferry on 2/28) showed up and kicked ass.
so that means i'll be up all night. please chat me up if you deem it something you'd enjoy doing. AIM: yarzrevenje
i have to be productive tonight, right? or else ill kick myself later.
i kinda wanna rent this movie

also, i finally found a legit leak of the new modest mouse record. its radio-quality, but at least i get to hear the songs. content over quality, i've always said.
so. help me out, before i throw in super troopers and watch the commentary track, or something equally as time-wasting.
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yeah whoops. this was sposed to go to my regular journal.

hey, we're all friends here buddy...