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from Grandaddy's myspace 
03:52pm 08/04/2006
  Click here to download the mp3 of "Jeez Louise" from Grandaddy's upcoming album on AOL Music

FYI, it's 320kbps
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I hate to be the one to report this 
04:59pm 30/01/2006
  I'm sure a bunch of you already know this but, I was checking pitchfork today and found an article that says grandaddy is going to break up after their newest album. Here is The Sad Sad News. Again, I feel bad having to put this here, but I feel it should be said. May their legacy live on and I look forward to the new album at least.  
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12:56pm 27/01/2006
mood: sad
Sad news everyone... as has been expected for some time, Grandaddy have announced that they are splitting up. The good news is that they're still going to release their last album as planned.

I'll be posting a selection of my favourite tracks online next week. Now, I'm off to be depressed.

Jed's dead and he's not coming back.
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01:44am 13/10/2005
  Todd Zilla.


I like.
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06:00pm 29/09/2005
  Anyone seen the new Honda Civic Hybrid commercial that uses "Nature Anthem"

it's decent, especially for a car commercial
10:15am 13/09/2005
  I'd forgotten this community existed, but since linepainterjane has posted, I thought I'd update with the Grandaddy news and a link to a free download.

'Excerpts From The Diary of Todd Zilla' is released on September 26th and features 7 new tracks. The tracklisting is 'Pull The Curtains', 'At My Post', 'A Valley Son (Sparing)', 'Cinderland', 'F**k the Valley Fudge', 'Florida', 'Goodbye?', plus a track titled 'Hidden Health Announcement'

To promote the EP, Grandaddy have made the first single, 'Pull The Curtains' freely available for download at http://www.insound.com/mp3/ - just search for Grandaddy and you'll find the track.

I'd seriously recommend downloading it... the boys are back, and back to their best.

There have been rumours that 'Goodbye?', the last track on the EP is their way of telling the world that this is the end of the road, but according to their label, the EP will be followed by full US and European tours, with an album expected in early 2006.
doo do dodododo dodododo dodododo (intro to am180) 
11:50pm 12/09/2005
mood: exhausted
Horrible at updating this community...

... haven't been up on the grandaddy news + whathaveyous of late. Anybody know what's going on.

on a side note, haven't listened to much grandaddy lately but I was listening to my lovely sirius radio (channel 26, left of center, best thing in the world) and they played 'stray dog + the chocolate shake' and it made me remember why I fell in love with this band. So, after a long time of not listening to the boys, I'm back at it.

So, if you gots some news on the boys and whatnot, lemme know.
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03:34am 07/01/2005
  So, whats new kids?  
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A New Year 
02:28am 01/01/2005
mood: drunk
Hey I'm Drea and I am a huge fan of the G-diddies so I thought I'd join the group. Heard the band is working on a new album at the moment, hopefully we'll get to hear it in the new year.
02:13pm 27/09/2004
  Hey guys -- just joined and I wanted to let you all know that me and some friends managed to convince Jason Lytle of Grandaddy and Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart to play a show in Fresno -- which I think is the only Central Valley show they are doing. It's at this really small club called Tokyo Gardens where everyone in F-no used to start out, so it is a reall deal homecoming sort of concert and if people from modesto would like to come see these two juggernauts perform at the most intimate place you can possible ever see them at, this is it!

Aaron Espinoza and Jason Lytle @ Tonkyo Gardens
9pm tickets are 5$ and proceeds go to a fresno school's music program
get more info here: fresno famous

Earlimart's new album comes out the day before (28th) so if you can, please come and hang out and if you can't, you should defs get the album! Or come out and get the album!
11:28am 28/09/2004
mood: happy
Fiver is like classic My Bloody Valentine and that makes me happy. Fiver is like an Earlimart Grandaddy explosion. Fiver is like fun summer drinks on a cool breezy day.

Fiver is grande, listen!

Three songs from their new release "Let It All Fall Down." I suggest picking this up if you're lucky enough to find it. I love this band to death so I'm sharing them with you.

The Compositionist By Fiver
Lost Enterprise By Fiver
Dead Roads By Fiver
08:15pm 24/05/2004
  hey everyone... Just say hello cause i'm new here... I'm french and I love Grandaddy so i said to myself "Hey, it'd be fun to join a community with lots of people like me!!!". So here I am!!! I've seen them once on stage, and i've seen before the show but i didn't dare talk to them... I'm too shy!!! But the next time... I'LL GO AND TALK TO THEM!!!  
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12:11pm 16/04/2004
  Hey guys I'm new here!
I LOVE Grandaddy their music is amazing!
I was having a bad day yeasterday untill i started listening to their song Revolution then my dad turned into a good one. (:
Their music is all feel good songs for me they put me in a good mood.
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hey i just made a tshirt 
02:46pm 03/04/2004
  hey you guys, i just made a grandaddy themed tshirt.

here is the tshirt ideaCollapse )

i can make one for you as well, or you can use that image and make your own. nice little inside reference, i think.
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oh dear people 
08:15am 22/03/2004
  So last night, around 9 o'clock this kid im's me. A friend of a friend. Asks me if I'm going to the grandaddy show on the 31st. I say, well I don't know, moneys kinda tight this month, so I'm not sure. He then asks if I got a car, and I'm like, yeah, what you driving at, solider? And then he tells me he's on the list for the show, and I can be his plus one if I drive him. I just about pass out. Best news I've heard all year. And he said the last time he was on the list, the had an all access pass and could do basically whatever he wanted.
all I gotta say is wow. I will stand to listen to saves the day if it means I get to see grandaddy for free with a potential all access pass.

I think I've died and gone to some beautiful heaven

I just wish I had a digital camera so I could take a whole shitload of pictures.
01:18pm 11/03/2004
mood: fuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
fuck, i missed grandaddy again when they came around my area...that sucks pretty bad. ive been wanting to see them for a long while now.
is the tour over now?
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I'm an old f.... 
12:38am 20/02/2004
  ...art fan of anything old is new again. I'm new here - heard about Grandaddy on , the Communist Broacasting Corporation, and I was hooked when I heard them say part of their 'music' had to do with obsolete electronics, and bums with cellphones. Enjoyed the intro too!  
03:07pm 18/02/2004
  Hey kids.

Found Grandaddy through 28 Days Later (a movie not to take heroin with), decided to learn a.m.180's jingle on guitar and piano and then went on from there. I enjoy them because the songs make you happy even though it makes you feel like shit. "The Crystal Lake", "Nonphenomial Lineage", "The Final Push To The Sum"...
The way they play...gold.
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tonights the night for non-awesomeness 
07:54pm 15/02/2004
  hi gang.
i slept all day. i had dreams that i could hover. and i had a dream that my friend JD owned this greasy hot dog stand while he wasnt working as an engineer. and then the guns and roses cover band (which you WILL be attending at harperp's ferry on 2/28) showed up and kicked ass.
so that means i'll be up all night. please chat me up if you deem it something you'd enjoy doing. AIM: yarzrevenje
i have to be productive tonight, right? or else ill kick myself later.
i kinda wanna rent this movie

also, i finally found a legit leak of the new modest mouse record. its radio-quality, but at least i get to hear the songs. content over quality, i've always said.
so. help me out, before i throw in super troopers and watch the commentary track, or something equally as time-wasting.
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03:09am 09/02/2004
  not grandaddy related, but a very nice band. indeed.

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